• Maintaining General Health

Consuming Bird’s Nest, known as “Caviar of the East” helps to maintain general health and wellbeing. Bird's Nest enhances the immune system, promotes eye health, accelerates wound healing, aids digestion, strengthens the lungs and kidneys, improves the quality of the spleen, enhances the metabolism of fat, alleviates asthma and chronic coughs, and clears phlegm. Furthermore, Bird’s Nest has anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Recent scientific research on Bird’s Nest found it contained rich antioxidants to aid in the prevention of cancer. Independent laboratory investigation has also discovered that Bird's Nest contains a water-soluble glyco-protein that promotes cell division within the immune system. These findings lend support to the belief that bird's nest promotes growth and tissue repair. Bird’s Nest can also improve heart functions and balance your blood pressure. It regulates blood supply all around the body.


  • Beauty

Consuming NatureNest on a regular basis will unlock your natural beauty from within. Bird’s Nest contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) for natural collagen production. Collagen has a special skin healing properties; Collagen gives the skin a healthy, natural glow and responsible for its strength and durability. Collagen is essential for maintaining the youthfulness of skin and attenuating wrinkles.

As a result, consuming NatureNest will give you a smoother, fairer, fresher, and younger-looking skin. Bird’s nest is considered one of the “Four Great Youth Tonics” and the wealthy elite during dynastic times would eat bird’s nest soup daily to keep their skin healthy and young. Note that the long-term consumption of NatureNest will yield the most effective results.

  • For Smokers and Drinkers

Bird’s Nest has the ability to cleanse the lungs from any impurities and toxins, and helps to eliminate nicotine to prevent cancer invasion. For drinkers, Bird’s Nest helps to cleanse blood.


  • For Elderly 

Bird’s Nest can be used to increase vitality and maintain health for elderly. Bird’s Nest contains high valued glycoprotein and is rich in minerals like amino acids, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. The Protein and the Amino Acids in Bird's Nest aid in cell renewal in human body as well as enhancing body's metabolism. This is important because as one age, our metabolism slows down.


In addition, Bird’s Nest helps to maintain healthy joints and bones, strengthen tendons and cartilage bones of the joints, especially knees, preventing osteoporosis. Bird’s Nest gelatinous component contains rich collagen that alleviates the pains of arthritis. Consuming NatureNest regularly also increases body resistance to disease, nourish lungs, strengthen the physique, aid digestion, and improve eyesight.


  • For Pregnant Women

Bird’s Nest is safe and beneficial to consume during pregnancy. Consumption of NatureNest can provide pregnant mothers and their soon-to-be babies with several rich nutrients. As author Ng Siong Mui explains in her book The Chinese Pregnancy and Confinement Cookbook, “Bird’s nests are eaten for they possess nutrients which benefit the major organs of the body”.


Regular consumption of NatureNest during pregnancy will strengthen the body, reduce physical discomfort, and improve the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. It helps in growth and development of fetus. Furthermore, women consuming bird’s nest after giving birth will slim rapidly and recover far quicker compared with women who do not due to the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) contains in it.



  • For Children

Every parents want the best for their children. Consuming NatureNest regularly will enhance their immune system, building up their resistance against flu, common cold, and more serious illnesses due its high nutrient content. For children dealing with busy school schedules, Bird’s Nest also reduces fatigue, improves concentration (focus) and strengthens memory, which is very important for children who are preparing for examinations.